The Rosé’s Return

Lisbon tram

I‘M BACK OnEurope!

Contrary to rumours of drowning in the ‘post Brexit’ EU red wine lake, choking on a slab of cheesy music from national finals season or being suffocated by the humidity and a swarm of swarthy Brazilians on the beaches of Rio … I’m back!

Nope, not even the humidity, debilitating swollen ‘cankles’ and the strongest caipirinhas this side of the carnival float could finally kill me. Rosé is back this year on this esteemed site and will be accompanying the team to Lisboa for 17 gruelling days and fun filled nights in May to report on the early rehearsals and the social shenanigans. It’s a dream come true for me – as it is for many – and am still pinching myself all these months later that the show is about to hit my favourite European city.


More will follow on Lisbon in the coming days. I’ve been there countless times with work and on holiday. I’ll attempt a little ‘scene set’ – which may or may not be helpful for those of you visiting for the first time. I’ve yet to meet anyone disappointed with Lisbon, so the expectations are high and the excitement is building. May potentially could be perfect weather-wise. It shouldn’t break the bank, and the Portuguese people are a warm and friendly bunch with a good grasp of English. I’m hoping for the best year ever.

Time off

I needed a break, a little time off from the bubble. Although, I kicked myself when the weather in Stockholm was stunning and the prices in Kyiv were cheaper than chips, and those that went thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes, you need to sit back and watch from the sofa with a good box of wine and your favourite bloggers, pundits and riff raff on the iPad for company. You’re in good hands as always with the Eurovision countdown this year with That Team, including my partner in crime That Monty who I am sure is shuddering at the thought of my return to the contest. His booze content has apparently slipped during my two ‘off years’ (he says!)

Time to party

London PartySo just weeks away from Lisbon and now only hours away from the London Eurovision Party on Thursday evening at the iconic and luxurious Cafe de Paris in the heart of the West End. Another cracking line-up this year, and a chance for fans to get to know many of this year’s stars in an intimate setting where they get to not only perform their entry (possibly for the first time) but also another song close to their hearts.

Previous contest artistes make up the rest of the bill, all ably hosted by presenters extraordinaire Paddy O’Connell and Nicki French. As always, yours truly will be there on venue set up, sound check coffee running, artist hosting and general assistance all day … and I dare say I will report back in the coming days! A huge thank you to Kabir and Russell and the ENTIRE team for pulling together a mammoth event that really does grow from strength to strength. A smattering of tickets may be available on the Facebook fan sites for those who missed out. See you there!

It will be smashing to be back this year. I look forward to two fabulous weeks in Europe’s most stunning capital. Obrigado e beijos a todos, até logo

Jody (Rosé) x