UK is going for gold

Lucie Jones

Ooh UK is brilliant! Lucie does so well. She’s alone in a mustard/gold-coloured dress, and she’s standing on a complicated erection, which has a geometric base and a kind of fan-shaped structure behind her, in which she’s reflected – the camera occasionally picking out the reflection before panning down to her.

There are bursts of gold emanating from her, splaying out in pulses.

Vocally she’s great and connects well with the camera. There are some gestures: anguished hands to illustrate the ‘this madness’ line, and a reach to the viewer later in the song. It’s very impressive and gets a round of applause in the press centre which not everything has. Excellent work! This is doing as much as it can to score.

We’ve just been told there are pyros in the final run through. Jody well will be wetting himself.

Monty x

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Jody West
Jody West
7 years ago

“Oh my days” to quote Mel Giedroyc….. I AM wetting myself. I need a lie down but don’t want to soil the sheets… Here’s me thinking they might incorporate the video effects into the staging but they’ve done better. It looks great from the snippet I’ve seen, great staging and she’s emoting it very well and getting used to the cameras. She’s a West End Wendy after all.. It pains me to say this but “Do they need pyros?” Think our bet is gonna be a close run thing Montybab, I mean Montyvision!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jody West

Calm down everyone, we were getting similarly excited about Molly at this stage three years ago. So I expect a Molly-esque result. Not bad, but not enough to get you staining the carpet.