Was the second semi harder than the first? – How was it for you?


Double entendre city there, but what do you expect in this contest? If you followed the results of the first semi  (which you clearly have and haven’t just clicked the link… I know you!) you’ll know the form. Just a reminder: 9 singers, 9 songs, 18 performances.

The hopefuls all performed a favourite song before a quick chat and a chance to belt into their potential Eurovision number.

The so-called expert panel gave us a steer, but no voting (oh dear me no). That was down to the International Jury and French televoters! Put them all in the mixer, add them up and you get this….

ArtistSongJury votesPublic calls loggedPublic votesTotal
Monika MarijaLight on1231921224
Jurgis BrūzgaCTRL ALT DELETE10815515
Henry & Tommy ModricNeverpart71171714
Justina Budaitė-JunàStrength of a woman10786414
Emilija GogolytėRiddle116941011
Edgaras LubysTo the sky4994610
Lukas BartaškaRiver of hope21410810
Saulės KliošasLaiko mašina553527

Four qualified to the final on 26th January (Q) meaning eight songs are left fight for one remaining place.

The spread of scores in this semi final suggest this one wasn’t the stronger of the two heats, but that will count for nothing.

Have we seen a song to beat what would be the odds-on favourite Bilal Hassani?