What the internet thinks about Eurovision – Day thirteen


It’s been well over twenty-four hours since Queen Ronela fell at the final fence and was told there wouldn’t be a seat at the Eurovision table for Albania.

This hasn’t stopped crazed ‘Ronelastans’ (their term, not mine) from demanding she be reinstated and Switzerland removed. Typing between wet dribbles of outrage, they’ve started an online petition – because of course. It’s safe to assume this will go on a while before she becomes just another forgotten casualty slipping between the fickle fingers of Eurovision.

Unhinged fringe

Chanel at the Turquoise carpet for Eurovision in Turin
Chanel at the Turquoise carpet for Eurovision in Turin

Talking of ever-so-slightly unhinged, let’s consider the Spanish fan community. On the whole, probably sane and grounded, but just like in any well-run society, there’s a lunatic fringe. And boy, are they vocal? It’s reached the shameful point of fans who claim they will get a flight to Moscow and fight for Putin if Kalush Orchestra beats their girl. I’m all for being inclusive (and fuckwits have feelings too), but Eurovision is about uniting countries in song, and there shouldn’t be any reason to tolerate what amounts to hate.


Michael Ben David proposed to his partner in Turin..
Michael Ben David proposed to his partner in Turin..

Now that’s off my chest, let’s do something more fun. Israeli singer Michael Ben David proposed to his partner in Turin. In an Instagram post he said he’s both happy and proud to do it during the “Best time of his life”. No matter that marriage is just one person showing the other person cat videos and the other saying, ‘yeah I saw that’ until one of you dies. I can only assume that when the big day comes, the budget for doves alone will be equal to the national debt of Wales. Congratulations boys. Be proud. And the very best of luck for tonight Michael. Break the curse of singing second.


If you’re short of things to do that matter, you could spend most of your time on shot-by-shot comparisons between the Swedish Melodifestivalen and leaked footage of yesterday evening’s jury final. Or you know, you could go outside, enjoy fresh air and Google the word ‘perspective’.

It’s semifinal two this evening and Shai will be here running through matters as they happen – we’d love it if you could join in.