It’s the second half of 1981 – Have you swapped shirts?


1981 Eurovision
So we couldn’t leave the second half of 1981 left undone – so we get to it now…

How on earth did the UK win?

Why is the Netherlands so hideous?

All this *and* less will be answered within…

Note – Mild Swearing and hideous singing is contained within this podcast.

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1 year ago

Io senza te(Switzerland 1981) is an ace of a song. One can be cynical about it and its ingredients, but in the end it’s a song that still work 41 years after we first heard it.
And it was and still is better than the wining song.

David H
David H
1 year ago

Mr Phil – thank you for this – loved your treatment of 1981 (as per dont agree with all your views!) you brought back a lot of memories… so much so listened to both episodes twice! Love the depth of research on this – you have sent me down a rabbit warren of searching ever since listening!

I remember the voting, nail biting and the thinking “oh, that doesnt sound great” of the represe!

The late Ray Moore on the radio had a great line with the Israeli entry “Habbi having a baby…. tonight” commenting on how heavily pregnant the singer was! Still got the cassette with his insights (1982 he commented on ‘new faces’ on TV having seen Sally Anne T in her ra-ra skirt!!).

Switzerland was stunning and should have taken the prize me thinks…

1 year ago

Great 2nd half review.
Always thought Uk was the wrong winner but hearing your comments, maybe you are right!
Cant wait for the next one.
Thanks again for doing my request. That makes 3 now lucky me.
Oh and btw, the answer to your question re Marty Brem’s staging is given on andtheconductoris.
Needless to say, he wasnt entirely happy with it either.