The second half of 1993 gets the OnU Treatment

Hot on the heels of the first half…. Nr Phil, Alexia and his anonymous writing team take a look at the second half of 1993.

Why did Nimah let the Train take the strain?
Why did the EBU think pre-selections were the way to go?
Israel… just why?

All these questions *and* less will be resolved if you listen below.

Note – Mild Swearing and hideous singing is contained within this podcast.

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1 year ago

Another good one. Thanks!
The israeli drama was epic.
I remember a behind the scenes on Uk and Wogan saying that he thought So Much of Your Love was a esc winner.
Sonia wanted Better The Devil though.
Thanks again.
Looking forward to the next one.

1 year ago

Sheike Paikov, The Israeli composer and conductor was right about a lot of things, especially about the fact that Saraleh Sharon couldn’t sing.
Singing off key was her trade mark.
He was wrong about 1 think though, “Shiru”, the song, was never a material of top 3. Was too dated even before the contest started,