Austria – Have we just seen a contender?


ORF have done a thing! Whenever I say things like that, my heart usually sinks and I hide behind the sofa crying mercilessly.

This time, however, this time they have turned a strong song into a bloody fabulous contender. Cezar tries, and succeeds, to be a less offensive Kanye West doing his Glastonbury set, using the stage to its fullest potential – including the “Rainbow Bridge” and the lift on stage and some stairs. It’s so aligned to that Kanye performance, that we know who it is aimed at: the festival crowd … and with a stomper song like this one, that is no problem at all.

The gospel backing singers are there, just not on stage, sadly, but they are definitely adding the oomph to this performance (like it needed anything else).

Cesar is BELTING this out and the consensus is that there was not a lot wrong with that performance. Juries will be lapping this up and televoters should be going “damn, that’s a modern song“.

This is, and say it quietly, so good and pisses over everything else (even Israel and the other so-called favourites), and could well be winning this Semi Final.

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