Poland – One from the top and any other five please TVP

Poland doing Poland things in this contest is probably the TLDR version of this three minutes.

It’s slicker than a pool of oil on the floor and there is a sighting of the lesser spotted Pyro in this one but there is also a bit of “lets use all the things” in this staging – Augmented reality! Pyro! Silver suits!.

They have melted down a fair few kitchen sinks to throw into the mix here but the only mix that has not been thought of is the vocal one.   Now, I’m not saying that Laura can’t sing, because she can, I just think that this is too busy on stage and the whole “singing” part of the song has not been prioritized over the vocals.

It just passes me by and thats a shame because I think it could have been a lot more but, as the old axiom goes, less is often more.