Norway – In the style of …

Keiino at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv
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Keiino and their chums decided on a minimalist staging approach. Another f**king song with a black background and the three of them using all the stage, each seemingly at different points of the triangle to start with.

It was a decent song when the bloke and the woman were singing to camera and walking about … and then the joiking started and the whole visual crumpled like a pack of cards.

All the dry ice and fire in Tel Aviv couldn’t save the situation, and that felt unfair because Keiino were singing this brilliantly, and the minimal staging (and a bonus wind machine) worked so well.

Even though I knew it was coming, and even though its an earnest piece of Scandi stuff, the baldy bloke just came on stage and acted like a pub singer/ Muppet Show Swedish chef out. Cups of tea will again be spat out and the remaining song time taken up with people saying: “What the fuck was that?”.