Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 39 – Sweden

I walked past John Lundvik at Media City in Salford and nearly kicked over his Diet Coke. That might be the high point of this review.

I can’t remember when Sweden last attempted Gospel, but this is a good song hiding in plain sight. It’s not become an automatic OnEuropean favourite – because Sweden innit – but ‘Too late for love’ has genuine top five chances.

It’s safe (maybe I’d go so far as to say inoffensive) and certainly poking its head above the parapet of hideousness that has gone before it this year in Countdown.

It got all the necessary ingredients for a good song, whipped up and presented to us in a polished package. At the back of my mind, linger two thoughts: firstly, this won a weak Melodifestivalen, so it can’t be that strong and secondly, has it got enough behind it to be up there with the big hitters? Not so sure about that, yet.

Phil’s Score – 7 Points