Malta – A change … not for the better


We thought, at first, they had simply changed the start of the song – where we looked into the window of Michela’s house. Sadly, this was a ruse from the production team. The delegation thought that bit looked ok, but everything else needed to change.

There was less colour on Michela and whist the background still changed with stunning regularity, it really didn’t help this song do anything of note. It all smacked of “bored teenager” … which in turn could mean “bored televoter”.

Destiny was still doing all the heavy lifting on the vocal, and won’t get any of the credit – which should keep her reputation intact, although she should be out front. I wondered if this might have been staged a damn sight better with her influence.

Qualifying: NO

Lots of projections, CGI and dancers. Michaela plants her feet and doesn’t move throughout the entire song despite all the things going on around her. Vocals sometimes a little flat. Press centre seemed to like it but I wasn’t too impressed.Tellystats