17 October – My heart is beating like a million drums

Some of the best Eurovision songs never make it out of a semi-final, even though they may warrant a better finish. All it needs is that one mediocre performance at the crucial time and you turn a finalist into an also-ran. Especially if other songs are able to raise their game just for that one performance.

OK, we know you have to do the business twice in a semi-final, and it’s the televised one that most people see. So onto today’s birthday boy Даниел Кајмакоски/Daniel Kajmakoski from sunny North Macedonia. His seasonal song perhaps didn’t quite grab people’s attention. OK, so he didn’t finish last on that Tuesday night, but maybe his jury performance came across better than the televised one.

Daniel is 39 today.

Среќен роденден, Даниел!