Cyprus goes down… under for their 2023 representitive.

    So what do you do if you’re original disapora just isn;t doing it for you – why, you go to your second best diaspora of course!.

    Australian Greek-Cypriot Andrew Lambrou has been chosen to sing for Cyprus.  Panik records (still a great name) are still the song writers/producers of choice for CYBC and their pithy statement reads:

    “The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation announces that, further to their agreement it has entered into with Panik Records of Greece and in Cooperation with City Pop Records of Australia, Cyprus will be represented at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest by the popular singer of Cypriot descent Andrew Lambrou who is represented by the New York based Saiko Management.

    … More details about the entry will follow at a later stage”

    If the name registers with you, that’s not a surprise because he ended up seventh best in Australia Decides 2022 with this….

    Andrew, who is as Cypriot as a kangaroo, started his musical career by singing cover versions of songs and putting them onto youtube – He is, of course, an X Factor reject ( reaching the top 20 in 2015) and his debut single, “Throne” was released in 2021.

    I fully suspect, with him looking like he works out about 18 hours a day, that he will sing something that will appeal to all constituencies in this contest and the song may well be a disco inspired banger – because that’s all Panik Records can come up with.

    Fuego… .but with a boy? – We’ll see at a later date!