20 August – I’m lying on the grass and dreaming

Are there any countries you’d like to see in the 2023 edition of our favourite TV show, that weren’t going to be there in 2022? A new country perhaps? Or one that hasn’t been there for a while?

Today we focus on our friends in Slovakia. Eager participants in the 1990s, they grew tired with the contest and came back occasionally. In 2010, Slovakia sent today’s birthday girl Kristína Peláková to Oslo with the highest of hopes. They’d had a long selection process to pick her, even altering the national final night to accommodate an ice hockey game. Anyway, Kristína featured in a very strong semi-final and didn’t quite make it to the Grand Final at the Telenor Arena. Nevertheless, her song has become a classic. Maybe future Slovak entries could too.

Kristína is 35 today.

Všetko najlepšie, Kristína!