Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 13 – Finland

The Rasmus – Jezebel

The Rasmus is possibly the biggest name in the contest this year but, according to those in the know, this song is not their best.

From a Eurovisionista’s point of view, ‘Jezebel’ sounds like a typical piece of “proper rock” (as opposed to the faux variant we have endures in recent years). It is certainly what I would expect from The Rasmus. However, also from those in the know, it seems a bit light compared to their old stuff … almost as if it’s been toned down for Eurovision. An opinion I would agree with, as it sounds like a group purely going through the motions in the preview video.

Musically beneath all the rock set dressing and heavy guitars, there is a serviceable schlager song with a key change and everything. The question is, though, is this a cynical attempt by the band to cash in on Eurovision-ness, whilst sacrificing what they are about?

I suspect the answer is going to be YES to that question. Musically it doesn’t do a lot, and if I am being totally honest the whole thing gets old quickly.

Will this qualify? Not sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is eleventh in its semi final.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points