Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 26 – Lithuania

Ieva Zasimauskaitė

When you have a gazillion week semifinal procedure and then pick a song about growing old, you risk reducing your voting demographic.

However, it’s the song that actually matters and this is a good old fashioned ‘Song’ (or as Salvador would say – not fast food music) and that is going to be its strength. It is a very well-crated and well-written song, sung beautifully in studio and – hopefully – won’t be messed up by any so-called clever staging by LRTV – they do have form in this area.

It builds nicely and Ieva’s voice really suits the song (unlike some of the entries this year that sound to have had the performer shoehorned in). ‘When we’re old’ doesn’t do anything clever, but builds nicely towards the end … but then it sort of peters out, and I really don’t like a song that does that.

Having said all of that, though, it makes me go ‘aww’ – which is a good thing. This song is a piece of warm and fuzzy music, and Lithuania’s best entry in years. Don’t be surprised to see it on the Saturday.

Phil’s Score – 7 Points.