Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Cyprus

Last year, CyBC entered a run-of-the-mill song that I’d heard a hundred times before. It nearly won the contest. And much of the credit for that has to go to Eleni Foureira who poured charisma into her cat suit and lit up the scoreboard.

Tamta appears to have been lumbered with much the same song. Will she be able to equal Eleni? It’s doubtful.

The law of Eurovision averages states that lightning very rarely strikes twice. The pronunciation isn’t great and there’s ample scope for mirth as the 38-year-old  sings about ‘shitting her botty tonight’.

I didn’t rate ‘Fuego’ when I first heard it and I don’t rate this. It isn’t bad, as such. It’s just thoroughly unremarkable.

2 points