25 August – They were swallowed by the turbulent seas

Do you remember when the contest went east? About as east as it’s possible to go whilst still being in Europe? It was a wild old affair, and the host country couldn’t do enough – even building a venue.

There were some memorable performances, including the one from today’s birthday girl Rona Nishliu. She finished fifth to some arty performer from Sweden, but holds the record for Albania’s best ever performance. Rona wasn’t even born in the country she sang for. She did remedy her nationality issues before her jaunt to Baku. It was a unique three-minute song, you’ll probably agree, and will have more than its fair share of fans. So just sit back and let Rona’s dulcet tones wash over you.

Rona is 36 today.

Gëzuar ditëlindjen, Rona!