Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 9/37 – Czech Republic

I refuse to call them Czechia, just like their athletics team.  They finally seemed to get the contest last year after years in the doldrums but this year they had, possibly, the second-worst national final of the season.  Now, it doesn’t follow that the song is going to be rubbish and it wasn’t in the original version.

They went away and did a “glow up” to the song and now what we have is a Rock chic singing about being on that pedestal.  It’s got a decent hook buried deep away amongst all that Rock stuff but it could come across as too shouty and in your face for prime-time television.   The preview video, and therefore the song.  also runs out of ideas at just the wrong moment of the song – specifically the climax at the end and it leaves me feeling totally underwhelmed and wanting something “more” but I’m not sure that this song can give that.

Four PointsIt has its people, as Radio’s Lisa-Jayne Lewis tells me, but I’m not sure who they are, and if I am even one of them. As an aside here, I have written this without looking at Mo’s review but I find that it is virtually the same.  Who said fools seldom differ?!


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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