Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 Part 8 – Cyprus

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Before Australia became a regular fixture at Eurovision in its own right there’s been a rich history of Australian artists representing other countries, including the UK’s Olivia Newton John and Gina G. Cyprus continues the tradition with Sydney-born Silia who has both Greek and Cypriot heritage. Despite being only 17 she’s grown up with an artistic background and been performing since the age of 4.

Liar is about finding out about – and responding to – a lover’s infidelity. It’s an age-old tale of finding confidence and growth in uncovering a truth that you’ve been blind to and a swipe at people living fake lives. In the video Silia seems to take on a saviour complex in a quest to salvage several couples from the same predicament. It’s so beautifully styled in an immaculate hotel I half expected a brand name for something like the Limassol Marriott to pop up Fyffes-like halfway through as a sponsor seeking some sleek promotion.

Eurovision 2024 is a, well, let’s call it ‘diversely creative’ field, and Silia brings what is really the only traditional female, Mediterranean, summer-holiday song. It’s written by the stalwart composer Dimitris Kontopoulos who has 14 Eurovision entries to his name for a record-equalling 7 different countries. His credits range from the second placed Shady Lady to the non-qualified X My Heart, so whilst he’s a solid pair of hands he’s not necessarily the safest. Still, the genre did well for ‘Beybe’ Blanka last year, whose qualification chances most had written off.

Five PointsWhen I have my playlist on shuffle it takes me by surprise, and I enjoy its simple pop vibe, but it’s ultimately quite unmemorable. The fact I’ve used a chunk of the review to talk about the composer rather than the song perhaps is telling. It might squeak through to the Saturday night, but really, it’s ‘direkt til mid-table’ for Cyprus I think.


Photo: Silia Polykarpou/EBU

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