4 March – Tragedies? We got ’em

Do you like the old duet? You know the type, where the two protagonists really get on with each other, and display real chemistry. That’s as opposed to the two that stand toe-to-toe and just shout at each other.

Today’s birthday boy Mike Moran duetted with the late great Lynsey de Paul. They didn’t face each other and shout. They were sat back-to-back at real-life working pianos. They wore natty suits. And the conductor wielded an umbrella. It was all very British. And it was in the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland too. Naturally, as was the custom for the UK in the 20th Century, they did will and – in this case – finished second. The best place for the host entry to come. Mike and Lynsey had more success abroad with this little song than in the UK, but it’s a nice reminder of those days when people didn’t mime playing their instruments.

Mike is 76 today.

Happy birthday, Mike!

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