5 March – Don’t leave me on the shelf

Did you know that there’s been a whole host of voting systems through the years. The current 12, 10 system has been in place a long time and has generally worked. But what did we do before 1975?

Well, apart from the hiccup in 1974, the previous system used two jurors. Yes, two from a whole country, had destiny in their hands. They were from two age groups and were there for all to see. Revenge anyone? Anyway, in 1971 when this system débuted, the UK of stuff sent today’s birthday girl, the Northern Irish Clodagh Rodgers all the way to, erm, Dublin. She finished fourth, which by UK standards was a poor result in those days. Fourth, eh? Who wouldn’t love to finish fourth these days.

Clodagh is 77 today.

Happy birthday, Clodagh!

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