20 songs for Portugal. Get the spirits out!

For those of you with a masochistic streak or for those of you who just like the struggle a good fado can bring you (fnarr) – RTP has announced the twenty semifinalists in this year’s Festival da Cancao.

14 of them were direct entrants and six of them (from, I read, a record 809 entries – who says this contest is dead) got chosen by RTP.  You can see the entries below.  There will be two rounds of the old voting, with a 50/50 mix determining the first five qualifiers. Then another round of pure televoting amongst the remaining five to get a final qualifier.

Casa portuguesaBispo
Volto a tiLeft.
...Pelas costurasJoão Borsch
Afia a línguaMila Dores
Teorias da conspiraçãoNena
Bem longe daquiPerpétua
Pontos finaisRita Rocha
O farolBuba Espinho
PrimaveraCristina Clara
You Can't HideFilipa
Pé de choroHuca
Quarto para umJoão Couto
Doce mistérioLeo Middea
DiaMaria João
AceitarNo Maka feat. Ana Maria
CriaturaRita Onofre
ChangeSilk Nobre

In that Grand final, a seven-member panel (One from each region of Portugal) and a televote will determine the winner.

I’m sure you can hardly wait!

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