Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 29/37 – Portugal

Portugal can never be accused of composing something because its popular or following the trends in Eurovision – in fact the motto of MGM studios, Ars gratia Artis, art for art’s sake, usually seem pretty relevant and so it is with Grito.  

Is it art? – Is it music? – It is a fado inspired fusion with Iolanda singing, seemingly, a billion Portuguese words in three minutes, dressed in white, whilst all the time being surrounded by 5 dancers, also dressed in white with the added introduction fo net curtains draped over their visages?

3 PointsRTP don’t care – this is the kind of thing that they live for… being totally unfathomable…. A bit like the Portuguese that this is sung in.  It doesn have a decent hook though, but for me it is far too deep and far too much of a grower to get out of the semi final.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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