Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 31/37 – Serbia

I’ve got to admit, dear listener, that I confused Teya Dora with Teya from last year when I first saw her name in the PZE list.  My heart raced, and then sunk just as quickly. 

Sadly there is not a great lot for me to say here.  It’s perfectly serviceable as a Balkan song of the female mode but it just doesn’t get me very excited enough to pay it any attention because as I write this I am playing a computer game on the other screen and have had to listen to this three times to remember what it goes like. 

3 pointsA damning indictment indeed.  The only positive I can think of writing is that it builds to a climax well – but I really am struggling to find anything else to say about what is, essentially, a moody album filler.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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