Eurovision Countdown 24 – Iceland according to Mo

RUV has ended its hokey-cokey mutterings and thrown everything in with Hera and what might be kindly described as an old-school banger.

An entry made all the more deflating coming as it does after a run of innovative Icelandic entries. If this really is all there was to choose from in the national final, things have taken a nose dive in 2024.

Eurovision used to love this kind of slightly out-of-step pop. A big voice over a skippy dance beat. ‘Scared of Heights’ is a box-ticking exercise. Downbeat verse, bigger chorus, chanting break, final chorus and a cold finish.

1 PointIf this was 2004, I’d be tipping this to sweep up all the big ballad banger points. It’s not, and I’m not.


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