Italy – is Marco the candyman?

Marco doesn’t know whether he is coming or going right now – he has no pressure or anxiety. His second dress rehearsal was good. When he rehearses, he holds back for the actual final, so he is not focusing correctly, but it was beautiful and great.

Message for your fans since 2013? – Marco says he doesn’t have that much memory in his brain, so he can’t remember that much – He doesn’t know why people are still following him! What kind of music does he listen to when cooking? – Marco listens to many different music, from Wagner to Rihanna. He says he doesn’t listen to his own music because he doesn’t like Marco! (Little bit harsh!).

What flavour of candy would he make? (strange question) – Marco doesn’t like candy much as the question is tricky. He will put two flavours together: chocolate and lemon. Or a chocolate lemon, as we call them.

Favourite Pizza? – A classic Margarita. He doesn’t want to think a lot about how performing in Eurovision makes him feel because, I think, he doesn’t know how to connect with people! – He had a 60,000 person concert in the San Siro in Milan and couldn’t speak.  What place in Italy does he recommend? – His apartment! But there are a lot of places to visit, Venice and Rome are the main ones, but he loves Palermo.

Marco drew the First Half.