Loreen speaks – Apparently she’s gonna win you know


I wondered why I bothered turning up because “Mother” was about to speak to the masses.

There was another massive delay – I suspect someone, somewhere, is running late – It might even be Loreen, for she sits down a mere forty minutes behind schedule – at least Timur has had a chance to use the loo!

Loreen says that she feels very “zen” – whatever that means – It was a very focused rehearsal because she usually doesn’t think much when singing. She wants to tweak it a bit, but overall, she is happy.

She has tattoos, including secret places, and she wishes she had more, but she is scared of the pain.  Does she feel any pressure? – She feels pressure that she puts on herself. She wants to create something beautiful rather than the pressure of the competition.  If it doesn’t resonate, she makes sure that it is perfect.  She tries not to think about the competition.

The song’s embryo was already there, but when her team played her the demo, she took it and ran with it, which went pretty fast. The song organically changed whilst it was being recorded, so it got to the final version that we all know and… love?

She has a shit tonne of favourite food, but she loves pasta bolognese…. how very Swedish of her – but she is very disciplined because she is currently eating very light meals…. dust? This time, it feels like she is returning to her family – it feels like home for her, even if it is in a different country. The contest is part of her.

The staging is a cross between the familiar and the abstract – she mentions earth and air. Fire and water are all there; she wanted to portray nature as this is where we find our energy. She wants the viewers to feel hope and love, and positive vibrations. Loreen says she would duet with Blanca Paloma (that’s a mash-up I think I can do without, thanks)