Moldova have mede their choice!

After an Audition round that nearly made me question my life choices but thankfully thank my lucky stars that Sasha B*gnibov didn’t qualify – again – because my Twitter timeline would have been more insufferable than it already is –  We had an early start with Moldova picking their song.

Visually the Moldovan national final has improved over the last few years with production values and tech experience catching up to the rest of Europe.  However, having the camera panning from behind an empty greenroom for most of the songs and the audience being few in number behind that left me feeling like it’s still just a massive talent show.

they still must choose a song and to achieve this they had a jury and a televote in a 50/50 weighting but doing that thing where they transfer the votes from 1-12 in each round, like Lithuania does, to give us the result below.

BravoNicoleta Sava5387
Anti-PrincessValeria Pasha1012222
ContrasensReghina Alexandrina3696
Light Up!Viola Julea4595
No Time No SpaceOL6178
DNASasha Letty2469
In the MiddleNatalia Barbu1210241
FeverCătălina Solomac77144
FeverVictor Gulick10111
RunawayIulia Teleucă88163

So a tie at the top then but, in a Moldovan tie-breaker, the JURY winner trumps the televote winner ( who got almost double the amount of televotes as the winner) – That’ll go down like a cup of cold sick around Europe

Natalia has represented Moldova before back in 2007.