Eleven hardy souls left for Moldova

Over the years the Moldovan selection for Eurovision has been not only a test of “talent” but a test of skill and endurance for the watcher.

This year Moldovan television decided to show the audition stage live on their first channel. (wasn’t there some sort of sport or something they could have shown instead?)  The hardy amongst you will have sat through thirty songs and performances from the usual list of Eurovision regulars and irregulars.  I didn’t – I literally had anything else to do.

Anyway, even without my eyes peering into what was left of their souls the Jury did their work.  Ten songs were slated to go to the televised selection but a three-way tie for ninth scuppered that.

Those Eleven are listed below.  You can view them at TRM’s webpage if you really want to!

In the MiddleNatalia Barbu
Anti-PrincessValeria Pasha
RunawayIulia Teleucă
FeverCătălina Solomac
No Time No SpaceOL
Light Up!Viola Julea
ContrasensReghina Alexandrina
FeverVictor Gulick
BravoNicoleta Sava
DNASasha Letty