Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 Part 29 – Romania

D.G.T. (Off and On) by Theodor Andrei.

Oh dear. Where to start? There’s quite a lot to unpack.

Theodor is from the Romania Junior Voice show and X Factor. It might explain why he stood out to the voters, because – spoiler – there’s not much about the song that does. This performance on the other hand… well!

DGT is a play on Romanian word degete which means fingers and has the line Mă joacă pe degete (she plays me on her fingers). It certainly feels like someone is pulling Theodor’s strings in the performance. In fact, he’s literally depicted as a voodoo teddy bear at one point, a sentence, and a staging concept I never imaging having the need for.

Everybody on stage starts clad in few garments or proceeds to strips something off. Theodor seems to be completing his geography homework whilst being mithered by a couple of ‘leggy lovelies’ in their bras and pants. A couple of boys pretend to play the guitar before they whip their jackets off.  Theodor himself is stripped twice; first of his own shirt then for a second time his string vest revealing (as if we couldn’t read it through the gaps) a full-chest faux tattoo of a peace slogan.

The whole thing’s rather tawdry. Theodor is just 18, and whether the concept is his own or the product of a ‘styling och consulting’ meeting it’s the kind of thing you can imagine a youth with raging teenage hormones gleefully lapping up. It’s also the kind of thing he might regret once he’s a little bit wiser.

My marks: nul points

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