Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 31/37 – Serbia

And after my enforced layoff this song gets me back on track – so to speak – though nothing can quite prepare me for this.   I have deliberately not looked at this song until I came to write this review but I did see his first rehearsal Ticky-Tock.

What a load of old shite.  I instantly want to smack Luke in the face for being so super smug and, frankly, I suspect that’s not the look that he has been aiming for, so I stop my plans for smacking him with my laminate pass next Monday and check his final performance out on the tube of you.

There will be people, and I am not one of them, that will tell you that this follows on in the Konstrakta mode of “Serbia serving art to the masses” – I just think its a bit wanky.  What are televoters going to think?, I suspect that it’ll come through the Semi Final bloodbath in about 9th or 10th place but… it’s not my cup of tea.

Phil’s Score – A generous 1 Point

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