Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 34/37 – Sweden


I’m gonna say this right off the bat – I hate Euphoria.  It’s not the best song of all time, in fact it wasnt the best song in Melodicafestival 2012! So imagine my personal horror when I saw that she would be back to try and mumble her way back into the hearts of OGAE.

It is what it is.  A performance of a rather tepid song that I don’t much like.

It’s Top 5 isn’t it?

Phil’s Score – 7 Points

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1 year ago

11 years after her win, Loreen is back and again she is mumbling her way through the song, and I a half deaf man, can’t understand what she is singing about, without using the subtitle,very much like Euphoria. I never liked Euhopria. I never thought it is a good song , but even I acknowledge that Euphoria was an accessible and uplifting song. Tattoo is neither uplifting nor accessible. The song goes quite monotonous from A to B with no development or progress. There is 1 beat carrying the whole song. Sophisticated song writing it isn’t. It’s quite a mediocre song. It’s not helped by the banal text , which is anything but inspiring.
In the last decade we were talking about how being authentic is to way to win the song. This song is not really authentic. In fact, I quite resent the cynical thoughts behind the whole thing and I dislike the manipulation employee by everyone involved to make sure this is the next winner of the contest.
For those of you who think this is a good song, would you still think the same if this was presented by a different country/singer? I almost cretin that in such case , you will think this is a pretentious song not worthy of anyone’s attention. But hey -Sweden can do no wrong and get away with everything they do, even if the end result is a sub-standard song.
And than there is the staging(at least the one with saw during MF) – Can anyone explain me how this staging is helping telling a story? There is no connection between the song and the staging. The staging is there to distract me as a viewer from the weakness of the song. During Eurovision In Concert, and without the elaborate staging, the song was exposed to me in all of it’s weaknesses.
It’s a shame that in a year where some broadcasters came with some musically and /or textual inspiring songs. Where some of the songs are trying to go beyond what you would considered a typical Eurovision song, the song which is favourite to win is anything but a musically inspiring song and seems to go back to what people think is a typical Eurovision song.

It is the pre-favourite and in the last decade(more or less), the pre-favourite has always won. For once , I would be very happy if this song doesn’t win. It will be a good thing for the contest if a different song wins.

Darren Smith
1 year ago

Loreen returning to the contest was always going to be treated like the second coming by some fans, regardless of the song, and that’s what we’re seeing now. The bookies’ odds are entirely an artefact of that train of thought.
Mark my words, she is NOT going to win. She may not even be second or third. More than the absolute odds, the direction of travel of the odds, various other polls, etc. is more revealing. Käärijä has been closing in on Loreen rapidly in the “My Eurovision Scoreboard” app, and tonight has overtaken her. Finland are going to win by a country mile.