Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 15/37 – Germany

The problem with being shite for so many years is that you have a pretty low base to start with and try as you might you can’t help repeating the mistakes of the past.

The exam for Germany for the last few years has been “ Can you actually do any better?” and the answer has been a resounding “fuck no” from either Europe or their songwriters.  When you listen to this song in isolation, though, it’s a step up from their previous dismal entries.  It’s pleasant enough, got a good structure to it, Issak has a decent voice and there are clearly worse songs that have been promoted to death on the radios around Europe in the last few years.

If you then place it in a competitive singing contest, though, you are inevitably asking the question “ Who is going to vote for this?” – and the answer is, I’m afraid, hardly anyone.

Three points

It’s just not got an interesting bone in it’s body.  It’s not musically groundbreaking, it doesn’t grab you and I can’t imagine how it’s going to be performed to make you go “that one….” It all adds up to something that should be better but ultimately isn’t.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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