Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 24/37 – Moldova

Pasha Parfeni

Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – “Soarele și Luna

In Malmo, ten years ago, I, through luck not of my own making, was in the Green Room watching Amandine Bourgeois getting more and more inebriated with wine brought to her by Pasha.  They then went off for “a cigarette” which took longer than was strictly necessary.  I tell you this, dear reader, because he is back, sans his wine mule and his trumpet from 2013.

He’s brought with him,  two trophy stags from a forest just outside Chisinau, well the antlers at least and, if the national final performance is to go by, a midget! – Eurovision is indeed a brad church.   The best way to describe this song is to play one song to the tune of another :

It’s this, or rather it’s what this should have been last year.  Fulen is a great song but it suffered from being sung rather off key and rather excitedly in Breton and throwing all sorts of kitchen sinks at the screen and expecting them to stick.  Eastern Europe do “ethereal” rather differently and usually to better effect in the contest overall and this is no exception.

It’s gloriously bonkers for those people that don’t read the lyric and/or care – It appeals to those who are drunk enough to go “what *is* this doing on my TV Screen?” and us that go “ you know what, that’s got a good verse and chorus, that” – because it does!.  I would also imagine its difficult to sell the story of the song, because there is one, in anywhere else outside Romania but will that actually matter? – Not a bit of it because whist Pasha is promising his bride a wedding under a starry sky, for that is the crux of the song, most of Europe will go ANTLERS, MIDGETS, MAN WITH LOG HAIR.

Successful songs sometimes need a gimmick – this doesn’t need one but has three!

Phil’s score – 7 points.