Picking positions – the ten semifinal qualifiers

Serhat flying a flag

With the first semifinal done and dusted, the qualifiers were whisked away to stick their hands in a goldfish bowl and draw lots for either the first or second half of Saturday’s show.

The full running order will be revealed late on Thursday after the remaining ten countries are confirmed.

Israel will sing 14th, Germany already scored a first half spot. The UK, Spain, Italy and France are in the second half.

Here’s how the draw went down this evening in Tel Aviv:

That leaves just three second half places for Thursday, with seven first half spaces.

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Darren Smith
Darren Smith
3 years ago

I hadn’t noticed that pattern, thanks Shai! The last song in Semi 2 performing first in the final on three consecutive years – that shows lack of imagination. So I guess Azerbaijan will open the final, then?

3 years ago

Count on San Marino to open the final.
There are preceding for a pimp slot in the semi, to open the final- see Belgium 2016, Israel 2017 and Ukraine 2018