Slovenia announces boyband pick for 2023 Eurovision

Joker Out

Joker Out is the boy(ish) band picked by Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest next May in Liverpool.

The internal selection comes after a run of poor results for Slovenia from their national final – The EMA. Quoted on the official Eurovision website, RTV Slovenija said the decision to opt for an internally selected act this year was “not a hard one to make when presented with the opportunity of working with one of the most successful and exciting bands in Slovenia.”

The boys see Eurovision as a big challenge and an exciting opportunity, insisting just like anyone else who’s never considered entering before they are ‘big fans’ and that they have ‘wished to perform there for some time now’.  Asked about their song, they remained evasive: “Regarding the style of music present at the Eurovision Song Contest – we need to say that it is well past being defined or limited to just one genre. We are staying true to our distinctive Joker Out sound, no matter where and when we perform.”

Thanks for the clarification, lads, we look forward to hearing it next year. In the meantime, here’s one of their jaunty pop songs …