Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 – Slovenia

Raiven’s an intriguingly creative artist with a sideline as a mezzo-soprano opera singer. She’s long held a desire to get to Eurovision, having competed in the Slovene competition three times from 2016 – 19. This year’s she’s been handed the opportunity by internal selection.

She brings an intriguing song. It’s inspired by Veronika of Desenice, a countess who was the first woman in Slovenian history to be convicted as a witch and killed by drowning. It’s a dramatic topic, with Veronika’s story illustrating the appalling way that women could be murdered often by mere accusation of mystic wrongdoing. It’s musically dramatic too, swooping and soaring, from sparse cries to dark melodies.

The video depicts this watery fate, as near naked bodies swim through dark depths. (There’s no Duncan Laurence style bare buttocks here though, everyone’s modesty is protected, albeit only just at times.) Raiven is covered with silver body paint and writhes among a sea of dancers, as she sings that she, we and all are the embodiment of Veronika.

The unusual melody, theme, and style combine here to make a bold Eurovision entry, though this is a choice I applaud. Raiven is not holding back on her artistic vision. I wonder how she will choose to present it at Eurovision. Will the writhing, scantily clad dancers feature? How will she depict the essential water elements? So much here tantalises ahead of the live shows.

Eight PointsThis won’t be for everyone, but I’m happier for the lack of compromise. After so many attempts I hope Raiven makes the final as her originality deserves reward. It’s far from certain though, as this won’t garner universal support.


Photo: Tjasa Barbo/EBU

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