Eurovision Countdown 24 – Slovenia according to Mo

The Slovenians never seem to be trying to win Eurovision. There was a time when they’d play along with the rest of us and then everything changed. Their annual EMA shifted gear and now appears to be somewhat stuffy.

This approach results in songs that tend towards being musically credible by talented artists, but which – unfortunately – fail to travel well. Accessible isn’t the mot du jour. And when you’ve got there minutes to charm votes, that’s not a winning formula.

I genuinely am struggling to work out who the audience might be for ‘Veronika’. Art students looking for a reason to nip to the loo at a showcase performance of new music in Ljubljana?

Nul pointsA lot of worthy shouting, arm-waving and writhing, sprinkled with vocal hijinks don’t add up to anything even slightly near a place in the grand final.


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