Well is this Podcast going to be off target like Guy Tell? – Probably!!

Well after 1978 went down like a knee in a sandwich, we have moved on to 1989 where the songs have improved – even if the aim of the interval act hasn’t.

Join Mr Phil and his perplexed writing team as they meander through the first 11 songs of 1989 with wit, humour and their own take on your favourite television spectacle of 1989.

WARNING – This podcast contains both slight bad language and unannounced José Cid.

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8 months ago

Great stuff as always Phil.
Looking forward to part 2

8 months ago

On behalve of all other Israeli entries for the Eurovision Song Contest, I would like to submit a formal complaint for your declaration of Shiru(Israel 1994) as the best ever Israeli song in the contest.

For someone who seem not to like a cliche songs, you have chosen the most cliche song of them all.

Musically, there are far better songs than Israel 1994 and that song will not even reach the top 10 of best Israeli songs.

Mr Phil
Mr Phil
8 months ago

Oh Shai.
The sarcasm arrow has clearly missed the spot.
Also Israel didn’t enter in 1994 cos they were relegated by the greatest song of all time scoring 4 while points and being almost a one woman show.

I love you dearly, but chill out 🙂

5 months ago

Finally, someone else uses the “knee in a sandwich” phrase. I’m going to make that a thing, damn it.