Oh Albania, you rarely disappoint…. *

(* For values of “rarely” read “almost always”)

So, we’re FiKing at it again.  Will your Christmas ever be the same again? – probably not because once you have found one Albanian final, you’ve found them all!

It seems that we are once again being treated (if that’s the right word) to a three-night “spectacular” over the festive period, with the first two nights having twelve songs in each. The “professional” jury will choose eight songs to go through, the public will choose three and the “press and media jury” will choose another three.

I’m presuming, because it’s not made clear, that the choices will be made overall and not per semi final so you *could* have 12 from one show and two from another …

Aaaanyway, the final, on the third night, will consist of 14 songs, where the jury will have 60% and televote have 40% (like it says in the sidebar) and the second and third place artistes will get to travel to Kyiv as well, presumably to see what a winner looks like on stage!

I bet you’re foaming at the mouth with anticipation … I know I am!