Outsider Diodato wins 2020 Sanremo

A week of Italian music culminated last night with the 2020 grand final of the annual Sanremo contest. The golden lion trophy went to outsider Diodato with his song ‘Fai rumore’.

Each year, the winner of the competition gets first refusal on the Italian Eurovision ticket. At a press conference after topping the scoreboard, the 39-year-old singer confirmed he’s keen to represent big five broadcaster Rai in Rotterdam.

Press release time …

Antonio Diodato, born 30 August 1981, is an Italian singer/songwriter born in Aosta and has lived in Taranto and Rome. After making his first music in Stockholm, Diodato returned to Italy and has released three albums.

Diodato previously participated in the newcomer’s section of Sanremo in 2014, placing second. In the same year, he also won ‘Best Newcomer’ at the MTV Italian Awards. The performer participated again in Sanremo in 2018 with trumpet player Roy Paci and the song Adesso, reaching 8th place among the Big artists.

After working as an actor in the film Un’avventura in 2019, Diodato returned to Sanremo for the third time in 2020, winning first place, the Critics Award and the Press Award for his song Fai Rumore.

Fai Rumore was written by Diodato and Edwyn Roberts and released on his fourth album, Che vita meravigliosa.