Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 28/37 – Portugal

What? – Mimicat you say? – Sorry the hearing is going at my age!

In Portuguese, the word ” Saudade” is one of those words that doesn’t have a direct translation into English and is usually translated as “meh” and it’s what Portugal is known for.  Thankfully for all concerned this is not anywhere near that, but I am also at a loss to describe what this song is adequately because there is not an English word for “It’s a cracking little song, but there seems to be something missing.”

This song is the musical equivalent of the Woolworth’s Pick n Mix. Overpriced? Certainly. Full of E Numbers? You’d hope so the way that Mimicat minces round the stage and the dancers are certainly working off the sugar high? Does it have a bit of everything? – well yes if you pick the right bits out of the hoppers and, in the main, she has but, I don’t know, I expect “something” in this song but I’m buggered if I know what.  Answers on a postcard please?!

Overall am I happy with my overpriced cup for Portuguese food additives that have been combined into a song – yes – because it makes me smile. I just have the lingering feeling it could have been a bit more satisfying… just like that Pick n Mix.

Phil’s Score – 6 Points

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11 months ago

One of the best things about this song are the lyrics, which are very cleverly crafted and really quite fun. Basically she’s complaining about her (very extreme) state of mind in a playful, self deprecating manner. The reason why is left for the listener’s imagination. Sadly for us Portuguese, the lyrics do not translate well into English and most people won’t get what she’s on about.

Thank you for all yours reviews, as well as those from Mo and Monty and for your blog in general.
It’s always so much fun and fully appreciated around these quarters every year round!