Portugal – Kids in America? No, Kids in Lisbon

Nicolas came on stage after an hour’s delay for “lunch”, and he didn’t disappoint – He did far, far worse than that.

This is a case of an adult song being shrunk to fit a small performer – in both age and stature – and no matter how much he looks like a young Axl Rose (Would that be Chassis Bud, I ask myself?) with the long hair, and the leather jacket, and the rasping voice – I just get the feeling that the audience this contest is aimed at (9 to 14 year olds),  will be struggling to understand what is happening on-stage, and with Lusophone not being the most romantic language of them all, the 30-40 seconds between songs is not going to be enough to explain to the younger viewers what this is about.

He’s got talent; he is British-born, after all … and give him a few years (and then give him this song back) and I could quite easily see it doing half-decent business in the Big Show.  But that is down the road in his future, and not on Sunday afternoon in front of the raving millions.

It’s a classic case of the wrong song at the wrong time – something Portugal seems to do quite often. Another song that may well not find its intended audience, even though I don’t actually think anyone in the team knows what that is.

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Diogo Freitas
Diogo Freitas
1 year ago

What a nauseating review: ‘he gots talent, his British born after all’. You should be ashamed to publish such content on a website called On Europe.