Kazakhstan: Pretty graphics, and not just on the flag!

David Charlin
David Charlin by Corrine Cumming/EBU

Usually I’m not a fan of too many graphics on a stage as they have a tendency to overpower the performer and then it becomes a case of style over substance. But the images of bleak, smoky cityscapes giving way a scorched forest and the rebirth of a more natural world (Mother Earth, after all!) actually works really well in this case and makes for quite a stunning visual – torn about whether the pyro is over-egging the pudding (is that an expression? I think it is…)

Vocally, David isn’t quite there this morning, but this is exactly why we have rehearsals. He’s clearly got the talent and saving yourself for when jurors/televoters are watching is a sensible strategy. That being said, he’s a very confident performer and the moments he connects with the camera he does so earnestly and with a cheeky sincerity.

Kazakhstan are usually one to watch at Junior and have come close a few times to topping the scoreboard. I’m not confident this will have that same impact as previous Kazakh entries, but I think it’ll certainly be enough to propel them to a respectful place on the podium.