The Netherlands, A good show opener

Luna Sabella
Luna Sabella by Corinne Cumming-EBU

The Netherlands open things up on this rather cold December morning.  On Sunday they will be the first song up and that is going to be a perfect place for it.  It is a great show opener – It’s bouncy and live and fun, exactly the things that the audience that the contest is aiming for *should* be doing.

La Festa is sung in a melange of languages that you could only find in this contest.  Spanish title with Dutch and Italian lyrics but on the run through that I saw on the screen, Luna didn’t look totally comfy with what was going on but it looked great on stage with Luna wearing a sparkly purple suit and the background is also in Purple, so someone has thought about continuity on screen at least.

It is staged really well with the kids that are supposed to be her friends dancing around a very large park bench but it seems very sterile to me and, if anything, over produced.  I’d hate to be in the delegation if they ever did a step of the choreo incorrectly cos I get the feeling they might be sent to bed with no supper.   It’s fun, yes, but there is no incentive for people to go on line and vote for it.  It doesn’t get your nephew or niece engaged with it and that, in a contest where you are competitively singing, is a problem.

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