10 April – We gonna ra-pa-pap, ra-pa-pap

OK, I went for quirky yesterday. I might have gone safer today. Or I might have gone quirkier today. Or I might have picked this to showcase a 2018 performer. You decide.

It’s hard to think that today’s birthday boy sang three years ago, and is still of the age he is. Perhaps Loïc Nottet is a man ahead of his years, and we’ll see him in years to come representing plucky little Belgium in the future. After all, no-one really gave him a chance in Vienna, but he only finished second in his semi-final and fifth in his final. Some achievement, and he scored several maxima on the way. Of course, this song is significant this year if you’re from the United Kingdom of Stuff. Can you spot her?

Loïc is 22 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Gefeliciteerd, Loïc!

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