Eurovision Countdown 24 – Croatia according to Mo

Oh my, but televoting and last year’s runner-up have so much to answer for. I wanted to hate this. And I came pretty close, but yet again, it’s a bunch of nonsense saved by a well-written, catchy, nonsensical earworm of a chorus.

The song’s lyrics are playful and imaginative, weaving a narrative about leaving home and embracing new adventures.

By the end of this jaunty little chugger, it became blindingly obvious that if the Rim Tig Tagi bit were given over to pounding drums and bass guitar rather than sung out loud, you’d have a commercial and incredibly up-for-it song.

“Rim Tim Tagi Dim” stands out for its whimsical and quirky lyrics and captures the universal themes of growth, change, and the bittersweet emotions of leaving home for new horizons.

Five PointsThe repetitive, nonsensical chorus is memorable and adds a unique charm to the song, making it likely to stand out. Thing is … it’s way more conventional than it wants you to think.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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