Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 7/37 – Croatia

It could be argued that Kaarija smashed the door down to televoting dominance last year and Baby Lasagna is just walking through the aftermath and, to an extent, that’s very true but this is not just a mark two here.

There is a story buried deep within the strings and heavy backbeat and the lyrics that the normals will take as being “a joke” – It’s about actually leaving your nest, or country, and going away to find a job and a life.

What Baby Lasagne has done is to wrap that all up with televoter friendly lyrics that don’t need much thinking about and married that with a “typical Eurovision” sound which, of course, is code for “Something noncomplicated”.

Yes, it’s an attempt to get the drunks and teens across Europe to go: “I want the one that makes me smile,” and there is nothing wrong with that at all but make no mistake, that’s not all that this song is about.

Ten Points

It’s infectious, it’s performed well in both the National Final version (where, of course, it was the 29th best song in a field of 28 finalists – HRT are you stupid?!), it helps that Baby Lasagna is also a good looking boy. Tele-voters will lap this up, the juries should, if they are music professionals, recognise that this is a cleverer song than Finland last year but I fear a majority of them will go “Nah, mate”. I expect the social media backlash to be furious.


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