25 May – I’m torn apart but I am a survivor

There are false flaggers and there are false flaggers. The first category are quite open with that status – and they have nothing to do with the country they song for. Then there are the other kind, where the allegation is less clear cut.

Today’s birthday boy Άντριου Λάμπρου/Andrew Lambrou is Australian by birth, but sang for Cyprus in Liverpool. But before you cast a lazy false flagger allegation at him, just look at hos heritage. His family are Cypriot, so CyBC were simply looking at their own diaspora. They may have ignored the fact that he sang a song in Spanish at Eurovision – Australia Decides in 2022. Anyway, whatever his pedigree, he did enough to make the Grand Final, meaning that his [adopted] country has only failed to qualify for the Grand Final once since 2015. He definitely didn’t break Cypriot hearts.

Andrew is 26 today.

Χρόνια πολλά Άντριου!

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